Hotel Mousson **** Słowacja miejscowość: Michalovce
Stolarka aluminiowa fasady, swietliki, ścianki Ppoż, drzwi automatyczne...
Willa Liptowski Mikulas, Słowacja
Stolarka aluminiowa fasady, okna, drzwi
Stacja paliw Brzesko
Stacja paliw Brzesko, ulica Ludwika Solskiego, stolarka aluminiowa oraz alucobond
Budynek usługowo-handlowy Senica
Budynek usługowo-handlowy Senica, Słowacja, stolarka aluminiowa, fasada, drzwi automatyczne, okna, scianki ppoż
Budynek Usługowy AUTO JANO
Nowa Wieś, 33-336 Łabowa
Hotel Mousson Willa Liptowski Mikulas Stacja paliw Brzesko Willa Liptowski Mikulas 01 Willa Liptowski Mikulas 02
Oferta Drzwi automatyczne GILGEN





zjdecie - drzwi automatyczne


The automatic sliding media door; An innovative and effective communication tool
Installed at the point of entry, Gilgen's automatic sliding media door can be used as an innovative and surprisingly effective means of communication.The media door combines the already proven SLX automatic sliding door drive system with flat screen technology to produce a powerful and extremely effective communications tool, targeting customers at their point of entry as well as drawing in passing trade. Active publicity continues to exercise its effect even beyond the shop's opening hours.






zjdecie - drzwi przesuwane


Gilgen automatic sliding doors distinguish themselves by their innovative and attractive design
Gilgen automatic sliding doors have been designed for internal and external applications such as offices, retail, shopfronts, hospitals, hotels and leisure facilities. Elegant construction and design, combined with innovative control elements and technology ensures safe, convenient and reliable access. Automatic sliding doors not only make access easy for all users, but also guarantee reliable closing, creating a sense of effortless convenience together with a feeling of security.
Gilgen's innovative SLX sliding door operator offers the flexibility of a wide selection of functions allowing access to be optimised to match pedestrian flow. When combined with the Gilgen PSX slim profile doors, the SLX door system offers the basis for customised automatic door operation.

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